A Detailed Review Of The Singer 1409

The Singer Promise 1409 isn’t your regular sewing machine. You can best refer to it as the mechanical sewing machine for beginners who wish to take up sewing as a hobby or for their mending and garment alteration needs. Also, if you desire an affordable basic machine to teach your children sewing, the Singer 1409 is your go-to choice. 

The beauty of this machine is that it’s flexible to accept more sophisticated accessories (including presser feet) as you advance in sewing. It’s a lightweight machine featuring only 9 stitches for simple, delicate and occasional sewing tasks. You can easily modify your stitch length and width up to 5mm by manipulating the knob used for stitch selection. 

Unlike many low-budget sewing machines, the 1409 is equipped with an automatic presser foot pressure which regulates, and quickly changes the pressure on your presser foot to accommodate any kind of fabric you introduce to your machine. Additionally, it offers two needle positions for both zigzag and straight stitching options.

Store all your sewing accessories in the detachable box which also serves as the wide work base of the machine. More so, once the removable box is pulled out from the 1409, you’ve got a space for the free arm sewing of your tubular pieces, as well as your trouser legs, cuffs, and sleeves. Generally, the Singer 1409 does what bearable tasks you give it to do, and has been found to remain steady on the sewing table while at it. 

Details Of The Features On The Singer 1409

Singer 1409 15 points Sewing Machine (Assorted Colors)
  • Automatic sewing machine with 15 operations of Needlework
  • Free arm, piped seam
  • infilatura test system error
  • To support Protective Cover

Stitches And Buttonhole

It’s simply equipped with nine stitches, including straight, stretch and zigzag stitches. That means, it churns out the basic stitches needed for your everyday fabrics, not excluding stretch fabrics. Even though a beginner sewer doesn’t have much need for decorative stitches, the 1409 features two of such for rudimentary fabric decoration purposes. 

Also, there’s a 4 step buttonhole feature on the Singer Promise 1409 which takes you through four precise steps, to produce neat buttonholes following the markings you had made on your fabrics. On the average, you’ll get 750 stitches per minute of sewing with this machine. 


The machine’s manufacturer had the beginner in mind by designing the top part of the machine to be easy to thread. And fast too. This is possible with the step-by-step threading guide which runs from the top body of the machine down to its left-hand side until the point where the thread passes into the eye of the needle.  


The 1409 is a manually operated sewing machine useful in learning the fundamental principles of sewing. It’s user-friendly with flexible machine controls and features, whether you are just starting sewing or an expert. Added to that is a well-explained instruction manual delivered with the machine for a newbie to understand how to make use of the various features effortlessly.

Extension Table/Free Arm Convertible

Doubling as the sewing machine’s accessory box is the detachable extension table which provides the wide work area for your large sewing projects. However, anytime you need to sew tubular fabrics or hem your cuffs, trouser legs, or sleeves, you can conveniently create free arm space by removing the extension table. With that space, you can freely insert your circular or round piece of fabric to sew or hem.


The 1409 is characterised by a front-loading bobbin with a rotary bobbin case mechanism. The bobbin can be loaded by the bobbin winder situated at the top of the machine. To insert or remove the bobbin, it will require you to detach the extension table/accessory box first. Though that might sound like hard work, if you can see this good machine as one which isn’t without its faults, it won’t suffer you as you’re imagining.


Higher than that of some basic sewing machines, the Singer 1409 is built with a 70 watts motor. At that capacity, you’re guaranteed a powerful, steady-moving operation and no annoying sign of the machine needing some rest in the middle of an important sewing project. 

Foot Pedal

As part of the accessories that you’d unpack from your machine’s box, you’ve not only saved some money buying the foot pedal separately, but you’ve also received a functional tool to control the speed of your machine. The 1409’s foot pedal is compact enough to accommodate any foot size; it’s also responsive to the degree of pressure you apply on it. However, keep the foot pedal going at moderate speed. Any attempt to cruise it on high speeds will bring about some undesirable noise from the machine.


Weighing in at 4.9kg, the Singer 1409 is one of the lightest basic sewing machines to move from one point to another, irrespective of the distance. With that in mind, you can easily come to terms with its exclusive design for lightweight sewing purposes. Aesthetically, the 1409 is graceful, and adds radiance to your sewing room. It’s conveniently shaped to occupy any small space if that’s what you can afford. 

Owing to the not-so-long cables the 1409 comes with, it’ll be much more comfortable using a table that’s located closer to your power source. Also, having an adapter around is a good idea, in case your machine has a two-prong, European plug as against the popular three-pronged.

Presser Feet

The presser feet present in the 1409 are the snap-on type which makes it easy for you to fix and undo as needed. The presser feet are four, namely:

  • All Purpose Foot
  • Buttonhole Foot
  • Zipper Foot
  • Button Sewing Foot


Reverse Stitch Option

Securing your fabrics at the beginning and end of your sewing has been made easier with the reverse stitch lever on this machine. Hold down while you stitch, and release after you’ve succeeded in reinforcing the seams.


Besides the presser feet and foot pedal, the Singer Promise 1409 has the following accessories:

  • Seam Ripper
  • Edge/Quilting Guide
  • Darning Plate for free hand, creative sewing
  • Thread Spool Caps
  • Screwdriver, 
  • Extra Bobbins
  • Needles
  • Lint Brush
  • Oil Bottle 
  • Instruction Manual

Final Words

Singer brands of sewing machines are respected all over the world for their durability and ease-of-use. The Singer 1409 isn’t any different. With its modest features that don’t need much brain work to access, this is a sewing machine that’s worth giving a try, especially if you are yet to understand the complexities of sewing. 

Moreover, it comes ready with the basic accessories for you to start sewing with it as soon as you set it up. Even though its dainty appearance gives the impression that it’s a machine which can be blown away by a puff of air, you’d be surprised at its rock-solid balance when engaged. That can be attributed to the metals used to design the internal parts of the machine. In order to avoid incidents of your top thread breaking during sewing, it’s best you purchase high-quality threads rather than the cheap ones. 

In the absence of an overlocking machine, you can comfortably utilize the zigzag stitch option on the 1409 to overcast the edges of your fabrics to keep it from fraying. This is a machine you can easily manage and maintain without inviting a technician to help out. Yes, the 1409 is the choice machine for occasional sewing purposes (to maintain its durability). Yet, it’s fit for everyday use, provided the sewing is performed on lightweight fabrics.

Singer 1409 15 points Sewing Machine (Assorted Colors)
  • Automatic sewing machine with 15 operations of Needlework
  • Free arm, piped seam
  • infilatura test system error
  • To support Protective Cover

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