Review Of The Janome 725S Review

If you’ve been searching for one basic sewing machine which a beginner, a hobbyist and the expert sewers in your family won’t regret using, you don’t have to search any longer. The Janome 725S is more than equal to the task to deliver professional results on fabrics, and has a wide range of stitches and presser feet to accommodate the expansive mind of a potentially creative fashionista. 

This sewing machine, even without the well-explained instruction booklet, is pretty straightforward and easy to use for an amateur. It’s got the important stitches for your dressmaking, furnishing projects, and alteration needs. With the 725S’s inbuilt pressure foot adjuster, you’ll never worry about the thickness of fabric to sew on it; the stress of forcing heavy fabrics under a presser foot has been lifted also. Moreover, it is complete with a full rotary hook bobbin mechanism that prevents your machine from jamming due to a knot or two of the bobbin thread. 

Featuring an auto needle threader, the 725S is a machine appropriate for sewers with weak eyesight and those who dislike threading a needle manually. The auto needle threader combined with the presence of a correct threading path, have made threading this machine a pleasant walk in the park. The hassles of going through several steps to make a buttonhole have been taken away by the one-step buttonhole feature on this machine. Tell us, what is there not to like about this lightweight, sturdily-built machine that’s  comfortable to carry about and dependable to last through the years to come?

Details Of The Features On The Janome 725S

Stitches And Buttonhole

The 725S features a good 24 built-in stitches which you can select by turning the stitch selection dial positioned on the front side of the sewing machine. The sketches of these stitches neatly line up horizontally on the body of the machine from A to L, both for the non-stretch and stretch fabrics (highlighted black). Generally, the stitches comprise straight, zigzag, decorative, blind hem, buttonhole, and overlock stitches. 

Furthermore, the stitch length and width are adjustable up to 4mm and 5mm respectively. The great thing with the 725S is that there’s no confusion with stitch adjustments as there are separate buttons for the length and width, unlike as found in some basic machines where all is taken care of by the stitch selection dial. 

Janome 725S Sewing Machine Stitches

Additionally, the 725S has a one-step buttonhole feature which saves you the time of creating buttonholes on your fabric; just one round of straightforward sewing and no bends! With respect to stitch quality, you will be tempted to kiss your fabric repeatedly, all thanks to the professional quality of stitches from this sewing machine. At 830 stitches per minute, the 725S can be relied on for sewing projects on a deadline. 


If you’ve been having nightmares caused by difficult needles which are a pain to thread, the automatic needle threader featured on the 725S is your saviour. What’s more, on the body of the machine is an easy-to-follow top threading path to guide you on how to run the thread down to the eye of the needle correctly. And if you need additional support on how to thread, the machine’s comprehensive instruction manual doesn’t disappoint.


Thankfully, the Janome 725S is equipped with a top-loading, full rotary hook bobbin which, once inserted, can be covered with a transparent bobbin lid. That way, you can monitor the bobbin for rethreading purposes. Being a full rotary hook bobbin, chances of the bobbin thread knotting, hence machine jamming is minimised.

Extension Table/Free Arm Convertible

The 725S is designed with a detachable extension table whose inside part serves as a storage compartment for your presser feet, bobbins, etc. Once the table is detached, the machine provides a free arm space to flexibly sew or hem the circular or tubular areas of your fabrics which would have otherwise been stressful to do. 

Drop Feed Mechanism

For your freehand sewing including free motion quilting, the 725S features a drop feed mechanism which allows your creative juice to well up and spill on your fabrics. We’re super sure the result will be impeccable.

Presser Feet And Presser Feet Pressure Adjuster 

None of the removable presser feet for the 725S hinders the swift movement of the feed dog on your fabrics. So, not only will you enjoy the smoothness with which your fabrics are fed through the machine, but you’ll also have fun working with the different presser feet. They include: 

  • Standard foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Automatic buttonhole foot
  • Blind hem stitch foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Overcasting foot

The presser feet pressure adjuster is a welcomed feature which dutifully combats the stress from forcing thick fabrics under the feed dog by increasing or decreasing presser foot height as the case may be. 

Foot Pedal

You have the speed of the sewing machine completely under your control with the help from its electronic foot pedal. Whether you want to thread your bobbin on the bobbin winder or undertake some serious sewing project, the foot pedal is right there to respond to any pressure you apply on it.

Reverse Lever

The presence of a reverse lever on the 725S implies that it’s easy to secure your seams at the start and finish of your sewing by holding the lever down and releasing it once you’re done sewing backwards.


Don’t be carried away by the beautiful, plastic exterior and lightness of the Janome 725S; it’s purely a workhorse whose powerful performance will knock the air out of your lungs. In other words, this is a strong machine designed to handle light, medium, and heavyweight fabrics. 

Weighing 6.7kg, the 725S is ideal to take outside of your home for long distant travels and sewing classes. It is a noiseless machine for one which handles complex sewing tasks. Also, there’s a built-in bright LED lighting to illuminate your fabrics when you’re working in an environment with a poor lighting source.


In addition to the electronic foot pedal, presser feet, and user manual, you’ll find the following when you unpack the 725S from the box:

  • Quilting guide
  • A set of needles
  • Screwdriver
  • Lint brush
  • 4 bobbins
  • Seam ripper
  • Small and large spool caps
  • Spare spool pin
  • Hard casejanome 725s accessories

Final Words

Experts knowledgeable in sewing machines wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Janome 725S for all kinds of sewers (reminder: this machine appeared in The Great British Sewing Bee in 2019!). It’s a mid-range sewing machine which comes with the main features that offer a satisfying sewing experience to the user. 

The 725S has proven to be the sweetheart which is mild to lightweight fabrics and aggressive enough to match with the strength of heavyweight materials. Take note of the snap-on presser feet present as accessories which are easy to slip on the feed dog and equally comfy to change. Much more than being effortless to thread and great on stretch fabrics, the 725S delivers quality stitches and also has stitch options specifically for overcasting the raw edges of your fabrics. 

Ready to be explored as soon as possible, this sewing machine comes bearing the accessories needed for you to start sewing on it without wasting any more time. Overall, you have found for yourself a mechanical machine which you won’t be willing to change as you get familiar with it. In addition to allowing its user to get creative on it, the 725S is flexible to accommodate advanced accessories as your sewing needs expand.

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