Review Of The Brother L14S

Let’s be honest: life is sweeter when it’s simpler. The same can be said for sewing. 

In fact, most expert sewers who have worked extensively with advanced machines, do appreciate the simplicity of basic sewing machines for their few numbers of stitches, effortless setting up, and the plain sailing sewing task that can be achieved with them.

Little wonder then, that the Brother L14S sewing machine is highly recommended as one of the most sensible basic machines which a professional and beginner alike would be proud to own. Certainly, the L14S is mechanically operated, giving you the maximum control over it to run, stop, and check as you wish. 

Furthermore, it’s mains powered and can even perform on a voltage of 220V. If you’re a sceptic of the quality of present-day models of sewing machines, you’d sing a new tune once you discover that the L14S is super strong and durable, all thanks to its metal chassis build.

Therefore, you aren’t just buying a simple machine, but also one that’s robust, reliable, and designed to last you for a good number of years. Additionally, it’s sold for a modest price which in all truth, is a great bargain going by the awesome value it delivers. It’s no surprise that you can find this sewing machine in stock via authorised dealers only.

Details Of The Features Of The Brother L14S Sewing Machine

Stitches And Buttonhole

There are fourteen (14) basic stitches present in the L14S and are so easy to select with the help of the stitch jog dial. The stitches are: 

  • Straight stitches
  • Buttonhole stitch
  • Zipper stitch
  • Zigzag, including satin stitches
  • Hemming, including blind hem stitch
  • Double action stitch
  • Bridging stitch

These stitches featured are all you need to get by, thereby eliminating the mental stress of having to deal with lots of fancy stitches. Also, the stitch length and width have been preset to suit the stitches, which means that you’ve saved the energy that would have been expended by manual selection.

The L14S shows off a four-step buttonhole for the neat creation of a variety of buttonholes on your fabrics.


Brother L14S sewing machine


The frame supporting all the parts of the L14S is made of metal, which enables the machine to successfully bear all the pressure from your sewing projects through the years. By implication, the machine is built to rest steadily during use, and not to jump about like a frenzied puppy.

That also shows that you can sew an assorted kind of materials, especially light and medium with the machine. However, it’s advised you use it carefully on heavyweight fabrics like denim. The rock-like build of the L14S did not significantly affect its weight: it’s approximately the weight of 6½ litres of water. 

That’s not all; the machine is compact, a satisfactory feature for small tablespaces and for easy safekeeping from prying eyes. 


As a top-loading sewing machine, it’s normal for the L14S to feature a drop-in bobbin. Lying on the lefthand side of the wide surface of your machine is the bobbin area. 

Over it is a clear cover through which you can see how much bobbin thread is left, and whether it’s time to bring it out to rethread or not. That way, you are rest assured that there would be little or no incident of running out of bobbin thread unknowingly. 

The automatic bobbin winder on top of the machine gets rid of the rigorous task of threading your bobbin by hand.

Free Arm/Flatbed Convertible

The detachable flatbed on the L14S’ work area, when removed, creates the free arm space for the comfy sewing and hemming of hard-to-reach parts like cuffs, sleeves, collars, trouser legs and in tubular pieces. It also functions as a storage box for your accessories.

Machine Top Threading/Thread Tension Adjustment

It doesn’t matter the colour, size or age of the threads you use on the Brother L14S sewing machine, as long as they are good quality ones. That said, running the upper looper thread of the machine up to the eye of the needle may not be easy peasy on your first attempt, most especially for sewers with bad eyesight.

But consistently following the threading guide on the body of the machine, coupled with the instruction on the manual and DVD would make rethreading a brief exercise you’d always look forward to.

If you notice that your thread is sagging or has become too strung up, you can fine-tune it by turning the thread tension adjustment dial, the small round projection on the left side of your machine.

Foot Pedal

Like most other manually operated sewing machines, the L14S has no automated control system for half speed or maximum speed during sewing. Therefore, it relies wholly on the functioning of the electric foot pedal to regulate its machine speed. Although the pedal is delicately made of light plastic, it lives up to expectation as demanded by your foot.


At the risk of sounding over-impressed, the light supply from the LED bulb on the L14S is awesomely brilliant and full. You may not even need an additional light source to thread the eye of your needle or to work in a poorly lit area.


Loyal users of the L14S are ready to make trouble with anyone who accuses it of being noisy. And they have a good cause to do so because the machine only hums. Not a painful sound to listen to at all.

Reverse Lever

Secure the ends of your seams with forward and backward stitching by holding the reverse lever down. Once you’re through, you can let the lever return to its original position.

Presser Feet

The L14S has standard presser foot, button sewing presser foot, zipper presser foot, and buttonhole presser foot. These feet are important to the sewer for a wide array of stitching to be made on fabrics. It’s simple to fix or change them because they are snap on presser feet.

Embroidering And Quilting

To make up for the machine’s inability to allow freehand sewing, there’s a provision for a darning plate to be used anytime you want to embroider or quilt with it. Of course, you’ll have to purchase a darning foot to go along with the plate.


In addition to the electric foot pedal, presser feet, instruction manual and DVD, you’ll find the following accessories while unpacking the L14S:

  • A Set of needles
  • Extra Bobbins
  • A disc-shaped Screwdriver
  • An extra spool pin

Final Words

For your garment making, furnishing projects, fabric alterations and practical mastery of the art of sewing, we are 100% positive that the Brother L14S sewing machine will do the job and more. Mere looking at it, it is a pretty little thing, and that’s because you’re yet to explore its enormous ability when in contact with fabrics.

In structure, this machine is similar to the LS14S. But their individuality speaks for itself. To have your trust, the manufacturer has placed an extensive 3-year warranty on this machine, which, in our opinion, is more than adequate to prove its durability. 

So, if you use the machine right but find out that something is wrong or missing, never hesitate to give Brother’s customer unit centre a call, expressing your observation.

The L14S comes with no protective cover, so you’ll have to sew or buy one for it. Conclusively, it is an easy-to-understand and user-friendly sewing machine which a jaded expert will be relieved to put to work and a beginner will enjoy learning with.

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