A Detailed Review Of The Brother HF27

Did you know that whilst you can sew heavy fabrics like canvas, denim, leather and oilcloth on most sewing machines, many always come with a warning from the manufacturer which tells you that you’re doing something wrong? 

In other words, almost all sewing machines are for light tasks but only a handful specifically built for heavy projects. The Brother HF27, which falls in the latter category is the best tool you can invest on if you’re regularly working on thick and weighty materials, including faux fur. Its metal chassis, heavy-duty build has prepared it for an assorted type of fabrics, regardless of their quantity and depth. 

For a machine of that calibre, you can easily pardon it if it’s lacking in stitches what it has in strength. Interestingly, the HF27 wows with a good 27 different stitches; so, bring on your creativity and needles or the fun sewing to begin. Speaking of needles, the machine features an auto needle-threader to facilitate a comfy threading experience especially for the sewer with weak eyesight. All you need do is to present your thread to the threader and…snap! it’s already done. For a budget-friendly sewing machine, this is a luxury addition. 

With the aid of a nonstick J-foot and levelling button on the HF27, you can hold down heavyweight fabrics for the needle to sew through them smoothly. Complete with a comprehensive manual, DVD, and correctly sketched threading guide on its body, you’ll have nothing but lavish praise for this beginner-friendly sewing machine. 

Details Of The Features Of The Brother HF27

Brother HF27 Strong & Tough, Heavy Duty Electronic Sewing Machine
  • 27 Stitches
  • Strong metal chassis
  • Metal Needle Plate for increased stability
  • J Foot with levelling button for thicker fabrics
  • Non Stick foot for leathers and pvc.

Stitches And Buttonhole

The HF27 is enriched with 27 stitches including stretch, blind hem, and zigzag stitches which can be conveniently selected by turning the jog dial. These stitches aren’t for some exotic materials that you’d hardly find in your local market; each of them is useful for everyday and affordable fabrics. 

Not only can you sew new garments and house furnishing items with the HF27, but you can also carry out minor and major alterations on already-made wears with it. Even more fabulous is the machine’s adjustable thread tension feature which allows you to modify the length and width of the stitches depending on the fabric and what sewing style you intend to achieve. The stitch length and width can go as far as 4mm and 7mm respectively. 

With respect to the HF27’s buttonhole feature, it’s a one-step, one-style buttonhole type that delivers neat results easily with one press. 


For a sewing machine built for rugged sewing tasks, the HF27 meets the strong and reliable criteria. Its no-nonsense black and white body pattern and 51 watts motor power show that it has come strictly for business. Though parts of this sewing machine are plastic, it’s equipped with a metallic interior and metal needle plate to withstand any degree of pressure that could be applied on it in the course of sewing. We all know that an unsteady vibrating sewing machine can be nerve-wracking; the HF27 promises never to put you through such troubles. 

That said, this sewing machine provides a J-foot which is a type of presser foot mainly for the sewing of weighty fabrics. To ensure optimal sewing comfort, the J-foot can be locked and steadied with the aid of the levelling button forged onto its side.


The ergonomic rotary drop-in bobbin system of the HF27 is in place to keep the machine from jamming as a result of the bobbin thread knotting or running out before you have a chance to rethread. Additionally, you can quickly wound the bobbin by making use of the auto bobbin winder on top of the sewing machine. And once you’re done, insert the bobbin in its rotary metallic encasement before you drop it horizontally into the space on the surface of your sewing machine. Afterwards, cover the opening with the bobbin’s see-through lid.


The HF27’s inbuilt auto threader, in addition to a correct threading diagram on the machine guarantees an effortless top threading experience. Even if you aren’t quite satisfied with the sketched threading guide, or are confused with the needle threader, the machine is delivered with a detailed instruction manual and DVD which you can consult on how to thread.


For the most part of this article, you’ve come across the HF27’s ability to conveniently handle thick and heavyweight fabrics. But that’s only at the extreme level. You can always sew light and medium weight fabrics on this sewing machine. What’s more, delivered with the machine is a set of assorted needles ranging from the light thread to the heavier thread types. Furthermore, with the HF27’s free arm flatbed, it’s easy to sew or hem hard-to-reach areas of garments such as cuffs, trouser legs, and sleeves.


The Brother HF27 weighs 7.29kg. While it isn’t the lightest machine to carry, the carrier handle on the machine makes it easier to be moved around.

Foot Pedal 

This is a mechanical machine operated by electric power. To help you control the speed generated during sewing, the HF27 is delivered with a functional foot pedal. It’s reliable and responds adequately to your foot’s pressure.

Lighting And Sound

The HF27 features a brilliant LED light which brightens your work area and dark fabrics. Also, this sewing machine is surprisingly noiseless given its robust performance.

Presser Feet

Besides the non-stick J-foot, the HF27 sewing machine comes with a zigzag foot, a buttonhole foot, a zipper foot, a button sewing foot, and a blind stitch foot.

Drop-Feed Option

It’s possible to carry out freehand sewing of your fabrics with the drop-feed option provided by the HF27. Just drop the feed dog on your fabrics and enjoy a creative sewing time.

Lock Stitch Option And Reverse Lever

If you’re a quilter, you will never have to worry about any messy back stitch when you secure your quilts with the lock stitch option on the HF27. Also, when you engage the machine’s reverse button, you can quickly reinforce your seams at the beginning and end of your sewing by stitching them backwards. 

Other Accessories

Apart from the presser feet, needle set, bobbin, and foot pedal, the following are accessories which are delivered with the Brother HF27:

  • An extra spool pin
  • Spool caps
  • A disc-shaped screwdriver
  • Seam ripper
  • Cleaning brush
  • A soft machine cover to keep it from settling dust particles when not in use.

Final Words

Any sewer who frequently works on fabrics of rough texture and enormous weight will be on the lookout for a sewing machine that is stable, strong, and reliable for such an arduous task. The Brother HF27 doesn’t only meet all these requirements but also is affordable and straightforward to use. Once you get the hang on its auto needle threader, you’ll never want to thread a machine’s needle manually (we hope it doesn’t come to that though). 

Moreover, the fact that you can adjust the stitch length and width on the HF27 to accommodate fabrics of varying depth and size makes this a winning sewing machine. Only a few basic machines will handle heavy materials, boasts of 27 functional stitches yet modestly priced and non-intimidating to amateur sewers. For best results, endeavour to use the specific needles for every fabric as provided. Also, never settle for cheap quality threads if you must expect superb stitching outcome on your fabrics. 

Overall, the HF27 gives you the needed confidence to sew light, medium and heavy fabrics with no drop of guilt for overlabouring your sewing machine. Obviously, the machine’s three-year warranty tells you that it never toyed with quality, and is willing to have you prove it wrong.

Brother HF27 Strong & Tough, Heavy Duty Electronic Sewing Machine
  • 27 Stitches
  • Strong metal chassis
  • Metal Needle Plate for increased stability
  • J Foot with levelling button for thicker fabrics
  • Non Stick foot for leathers and pvc.

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