Brother AE2500

Who says as a beginner sewer that you can’t have it all: a powerful computerised sewing machine with a wide variety of stitches at a pocket-friendly price? Then, such a person is yet to hear about or see the Brother AE2500 sewing machine! It’s amazing how such a pretty-looking device will carry such impressive strength as to handle leather, canvas, denim, and embroidery work without falling apart. 

Featuring 25 stitches, the AE2500 is a great machine which you can’t get bored of even if you’ve progressed considerably into advanced sewing. In other words, the better you become as a sewer, the more you appreciate the number of stitches available for your use on this machine. Irrespective of its strong build and ability to take on thick fabrics, it’s quite surprising that this is one machine that generates little or no noise during operation. 

Yes, it’s too heavy to lift with one hand, but that’s the evidence that it’s a machine designed for any kind of hard sewing task you’ll subject it to. In addition to the powerful build of the AE2500, the grade of stitches it delivers makes it dependable for every professional stitching on your fabrics. Only ensure that you feed it with threads of excellent quality.

Details Of The Features On The Brother AE2500

Stitches And Buttonhole

You are afforded the luxury to choose from 25 cool stitches from the AE2500. About 12 of these stitches are suitable for sewing your stretchy fabrics, which is quite a big deal since most basic machines don’t offer that much. Other types of stitches available are buttonhole stitch, straight stitches, zigzag stitch, overlock stitch, and blind hemstitch. 

Another point to remember about the AE2500 is its multifunctionality. In addition to carrying out clothing alterations on it, this machine can sew any kind of fabrics, as long as the correct needle for the special fabrics is used. The machine doesn’t drop-feed, but is delivered with a darning plate to enable you to quilt or embroider with it when you desire that. 

brother ae2500

The AE2500 features an automatic four step buttonhole to comfortably and easily create any size of neat buttonhole on your fabrics for your buttons. The presence of the tension dial on the body of the AE2500 is for stitch adjustment, depending on the degree of the top thread rigidity you desire. The maximum adjustable stitch length and width are 4mm and 5mm respectively. 


Top-loading sewing machine lovers, rejoice! The AE2500’s drop-in bobbin is jam-proofed with a rotary hook assembly system. That means, you won’t have to experience tangled stitches delivered from the bobbin. Also, before the bobbin thread runs out completely, you must have noticed that through the transparent bobbin case. With the help of the automatic bobbin winder on top of the machine, you’ll never have any cause to cringe at the thought of wounding the bobbin manually. 

Foot Pedal

Perhaps, the AE2500’s foot pedal is the most valuable accessory of all. Considering that it’s large enough to accommodate varying sizes of foot, and also responds accordingly to any form of pressure you apply on it, it’s quite the trophy. Simply put, the foot pedal is awesomely efficient to help you control your machine’s speed with confidence.


Contrary to the expectation of many, threading a sewing machine that has no needle threader is easy, sustainable, and a great eye exercise. On top of the AE2500 are sketches that provide you with the step by step process of threading it with ease. That, coupled with the guidance from your manual and DVD makes threading this machine a non-issue, even for the greenest novice. 

Motor And Sewing Speed

With a motor power of 51 watts, Brother AE2500 is a high-performance machine compared with some basic sewing machines out there. From every indication, it has the capacity to run more steadily than an average machine. Furthermore, its stitching speed is at 1,000 spm, an uncommon feature for a budget-priced sewing machine. This implies that you’ll save a lot of time and energy sewing with the AE2500. The icing on the cake is the quality of stitches it delivers on your fabrics: so neat, so professional. 

Free Arm Convertible

The machine’s detachable table cum accessory box can be pulled out to create a space for the flexible sewing of tubular pieces and sleeves. 


There’s a built-in LED light source which supplies white light to illuminate dark fabrics, and also assist you in threading your needle eye. However, the bulb isn’t the replaceable type, nor is there any indication that it is powered by removable batteries.


The AE2500 is of a sleek build, comprising metallic parts (little wonder it is kind of heavy). Imprinted on the front right-hand side of the machine is a beautiful purple pattern which contrasts with the white background to release a refreshing impression when looked at. Additionally, it’s a compact machine which doesn’t take any more space than is required, despite the size of your sewing table. 

Presser Feet

Brother AE2500 is equipped with four useful presser feet. That said, you have just received a sewing machine that you can get creative with, grow with, and produce lovely and professional sewing finishes with. There’s absolutely no singular presser feet of the AE2500 that is a mere fancy; all of them are for one important sewing purpose or the other. The presser feet are:

  • Zigzag foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Button sewing foot

Reverse Lever

To secure both ends of your fabric during sewing, you have to press and hold down the reverse lever while you perform the task. Then, release the lever once you’re through. Obviously, it isn’t a button to push and release.


The AE2500 is a straightforward machine complete with simple-to-operate controls, in addition to a useful manual and DVD. Setting it up is a walk in the park: unpack, thread, connect to a power source, and you’re good to start trying it out. 


After you’ve unpacked the AE2500, you’ll find the following cash-saving accessories:

  • A darning plate (for freehand sewing purposes)
  • A set of needles
  • Spare bobbins
  • A screwdriver disc
  • A foot control
  • An instruction guide & instructional DVD

Final words

If you’re looking for a sensible sewing machine that is practicable for both inexperienced and advanced sewers, get the Brother AE2500. It’s computerised, which makes the sewing speed easier to control even with your foot pedal. It’s a versatile machine that can sew light, medium and heavyweight fabrics, all thanks to its motor and speed control. 

Most often, a bobbin is already placed in the encasement on the surface of the machine before it’s delivered. So, you have to first look through the transparent bobbin case or open it to ascertain if yours came that way or not. The simplified instruction manual as well as the DVD accompanying the AE2500 adds to its appeal as a beginner-friendly machine, especially if you want to be self-taught. Also, it comes delivered with the standard accessories (except spools of threads) needed to begin sewing immediately when you’ve set it up.

Although it has been said severally that the AE2500 is built to sew thick fabrics, it’s important that you do it less frequently and gently to keep your machine alive longer. All in all, the price of this sewing machine is unbeatable compared with the delightful experience awaiting you when it arrives at your home.

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