Review Of The Brother AE1700

Imagine working with a steady, undemanding machine whose needle breezes through several layers of fabrics, leaving on its trail beautiful, professional stitching, and you have an idea of the practicality of the Brother AE1700 sewing machine. 

Simply, the Brother AE1700 is a metal chassis sewing machine adapted for home use, which delivers a professional result on your sewing projects like dressmaking, craftwork, garment alteration, quilting, and upholstery. 

As you might have guessed, it’s a practical, mains powered machine ideal for any beginner sewer, and it sure handles virtually all kinds of materials including Velcro, Lycra, and denim. As powerfully as it’s built, it’s satisfying that the AE1700 proves effortless to carry at 6.65kg body weight. 

Going back to its user-friendliness to beginners, this machine is packaged alongside an instruction booklet and a full DVD guide to further clarify on how to put it to great use. Not only would you find in the AE1700 a fantastic machine to work with, but you’ll also discover that it’s pretty to the eyes, reliable to sew light to heavyweight fabrics, and built to fit snugly in any tablespace. 

Most important of all, the AE1700 is sold at a pocket-friendly price, yet carries immense value even much more than a handful of expensive sewing machines. In fact, you won’t help but lavish praises on this machine after you’ve experienced its goodness firsthand. 

Brother AE1700 Sewing Machine with Instructional DVD, 17 Stitch
  • 17 Stitch Sewing Machine
  • Drop in bobbin
  • LED Lighting - never replace a bulb
  • Quick and easy stitch selection
  • 4 step button hole

Details Of The Features On The Brother AE1700 Sewing Machine

Stitches And Buttonhole

The AE1700 displays seventeen stitches in different patterns for both stretch and non-stretch fabrics. With the aid of a jog dial boldly showing off the diagrams of the stitches, you can comfortably select any of your choices to sew with. Among the stitches are straight, zigzag, buttonhole, and blind hem stitches.

With the limited number of stitches available, there’s little room for a beginner to get overwhelmed while trying to experiment with this sewing machine. Furthermore, there’s a four-step buttonhole feature which creates neatly precise buttonholes of desired sizes on your fabrics.

This section can’t end without making mention of the AE1700’s stitching quality, which can be described in three words – superior, strong, and smooth.

Bobbin and Bobbin Winder

Conveniently, this particular sewing machine is the top-loading type, specifically for plastic drop-in bobbins. Also, the bobbin pit is covered with a transparent case. What this implies is that your eyes can’t miss noticing when the thread on the bobbin is about to finish for immediate replacement/rethreading. 

This benefit also ensures that your machine doesn’t jam as often noticed in front-loading machines where the bobbin is out of sight. Additionally, the bobbin winder resting on top of the machine has eliminated the stress of threading the bobbin manually: just slip your bobbin into the winder and with your foot on the pedal, watch the thread wound around the bobbin like magic.  

As icing on your cake, the bobbin thread tension is so perfect that you won’t ever experience the thread knotting or looping for whatever reason. For emphasis’ sake, the manufacturer of the AE1700 specified the use of plastic bobbins only, to protect the machine from unnecessary damages.

Top Thread Tension Adjustment Dial

To strengthen a loose thread or to reduce the tautness of a thread, the machine has provided you with a flexible thread adjustment dial which you can manipulate manually for that purpose. 


Bursting through in power is the 51 watts motor of the AE1700, the evidence that the machine is built to sew multiple layers of fabric and not flop like a jellyfish. Yes, 51W is small compared to the number on some other basic machines, but the stitching outcome from the Brother AE1700 especially at 1,000 stitches per minute speed, more than compensates for whatever motor number its contemporaries boast of.

Presser Feet

The AE1700 arrives at your home in the company of four snap-on presser feet: the standard, buttonhole, zipper, and button sewing feet. The standard presser foot commonly pre-attached to your needle area also performs zigzag stitching when made to do so.

You might be wondering what a snap-on presser foot means. Briefly, it’s one which has behind it, a small lever on which your sewing machine’s presser foot holder clasps. That way, your presser foot is flexible to lock on to and off the presser foot holder.

The Free Arm Space

Unlike some sewing machines with detachable tables which need to be removed to create the free arm space, the AE1700 is bereft of such complexities. Its work area is ergonomically shaped to allow you hem trousers, cuffs, sleeves, necks, and tubular pieces freely. 

However, if you need the widening of your work area for large projects, the AE1700 can accommodate a removable extension table which you can buy as a separate accessory.

Machine Top Threading

On the body of the AE1700 are the correct threading sketches which clearly direct you on how to run your top thread from start to finish into the eye of the needle. 

Although this sewing machine is without an auto threader, yet, it is one of the easiest to get used to after the first try. In the event you aren’t satisfied with the sketched guide, there’s ample explanation to soak in from the detailed instruction booklet and DVD for audio-visual learners.

Darning Plate

Inasmuch as the feed dog mechanism of this sewing machine doesn’t drop to enable you to sew freehand, the manufacturer provided a darning plate with which you can bury the feed dog, for your fabric to move unrestrainedly forward and backwards while you’re embroidering. To that effect, you’d need to purchase a darning foot.

Electric Foot Pedal

To control the speed of your sewing machine during operation, you’ll connect the AE1700’s foot pedal to an electric source. The pedal is made of plastic and responds satisfactorily to the pressure your foot applies on it.

LED Lighting

When the machine is switched on, the LED light automatically comes on, flooding your work area with bright “white” light to aid you in threading the eye of your needle and also see dark fabrics for what they are.

Reverse Lever

The AE1700 features a reverse lever which, when you push down, helps you run stitches backwards to secure the ends of your seams at the beginning and end of your sewing 


Apart from the presser feet, darning plate, instruction guide, and foot pedal, you can find the following extras in the box:

  • A set of needles
  • Spare bobbins
  • Disc-shaped screwdriver

Final words

It’s one thing to buy a durable machine, it’s another to be happy with your purchase because the price didn’t set your pocket on fire. The budget-friendly Brother AE1700 sewing machine features the desirable design for a long-lasting use by both beginners and advanced sewers. 

For all it’s worth, you won’t have anything significant to gripe about this machine, with the exception that your bad eyesight may not appreciate the news that the machine is without an auto needle threader. Even so, that likely impediment can be overcome with a manual needle threader which you can buy for a penny (pun intended). 

Setting the AE1700 up might need a bit of getting used to, especially if you haven’t used a sewing machine before. But that is a normal process since nothing good comes easy. 

It’s great news that the machine has a three-year warranty on it, which entitles the manufacturer to take responsibility for any damages within the years in view unless the fault arose from an error of yours, such as using metal bobbins instead of the recommended plastic-type. 

In conclusion, the AE1700 is a delight to own and promises to serve you through thick and thin in your sewing journey, until you are ready to explore more sophisticated sewing machines.

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