Review Of The Brother 2104D

Have you ever had to reluctantly purchase an item which you felt you had little need for, only to start wondering later how you ever managed to survive without it? That’s what you’ll experience when you buy an overlocker, especially a straightforward type like the Brother 2104D. That said, if you’re a beginner, the only way you’ll appreciate the workings of an overlocker is if your first-time experience was like a dream. It’s against that background that we strongly recommend the 2104D as an entry-level overlocking machine for first-time users.

This compact, lightweight machine is great for sewing and hemming your everyday fabrics for that professional finish you are looking forward to having. When you choose the 2104D, you’re saying yes to an indispensable tool built with standard quality materials to last you for as long as possible. To further emphasise on its beginner-friendliness, the 2104D is super easy to thread by virtue of the colour-coded threading path and the F.A.S.T Lower Looper Threading System it features. Not only that; the instruction manual and DVD which detail the steps on how to use the 2104D are a piece of cake to digest! 

Without thinking much about how you can sew or hem your sleeves, cuffs, or trouser legs, this 3 or 4-thread overlocker added a free arm convertible to its many desirable features. You’d be amazed to know that your standard sewing machine needles can be used on the 2104D (another point for it being a straightforward overlocker). In fact, there’s nothing tangible to hold against this machine, apart from the fact. Instead, you’ll be a bit sad for not owning one earlier.

A Detailed Review Of The Features On The Brother 2104D


Stitch Options 

The 2104D is a 3 or 4-thread overlocker which flawlessly sews, hems, or secures your light, medium and heavyweight fabrics. Depending on the thickness of stitching you are looking for, you can either use all four threads on your fabrics’ edges or just three threads by removing one of the needles, preferably the left one. This feature places it in the category of modern overlocking machines useful for working on an assorted type of fabrics. 

At 1,300 stitches per minute, you can trust the 2104D to deliver the finest of stitches at an incredibly fast rate (your average sewing machine would be green with envy). Moreover, you’ll discover that this machine delivers a decent amount of stitch options which should suit the beginner who might feel overwhelmed by a lot of different stitches. 

Apart from the 4-thread overlock and 3-thread overlock, the 2104D offers the narrow hem, ribbon lock, and rolled hem stitch options. For additional stitches like the pintuck, blind hem, and flatlock, you can purchase the presser feet for them to work with on this machine. It’s convenient to adjust your stitch length and width by turning the stitch length dial and stitch width dial respectively. For the stitch width, you can modify up to 7mm while the stitch length can be adjusted up to 4mm. 


As earlier mentioned, the 2104D is a 3 or 4-thread overlocker which makes use of standard type sewing machine needles, whether it’s the ballpoint, stretch, or universal. On the machine, two needles can be threaded if you want a 4-thread overlocking of your edges, or only one of the needles for a 3-thread overlocking, in which case you should undo the black screw slightly above the silver stud on the left needle with a hexagonal driver. For best results, first, turn the machine’s handwheel towards you to raise the needles high. Next, unscrew while you’re holding the left needle. If you wish to replace the needle on the overlocker, ensure that the needle’s flat side is facing back. Then, fit in the needle as far as it can go.  

Differential Feed

Every functional overlocker has the differential feed feature which allows you to work on a wide range of fabrics, their texture and weight notwithstanding. In addition to that, the differential feed eliminates the puckering on hems and can be utilised in creating gathers and scalloped edges on your fabrics. Certainly, you can count on the 2104D overlocker to display an impressive differential feed with a scaled adjustable button to control the movement on your machine’s front feed dog. 

Brother 2104D differential feed


Without mincing words, the 2104D is one of the easiest basic overlocking machines to thread. That can be attributed to the F.A.S.T Lower Looper Threading System (the lower looper is normally the toughest to thread) and the colour-coded threading guide on the body of the machine which directs you on where to pass each of your threads through. 

Even if you are reluctant to thread the overlocker, you’ll find out that it’s already taken care of as the machine arrives pre-threaded. With the help of the thread tension dial, you can make any or all of your overlocker’s threads tight or loose with respect to your stitching needs.

Free Arm Convertible

By removing the narrow, detachable section of the 2104D’s work table, you’ve made space to comfortably sew or hem circular and tubular parts of your fabrics which would have been a hell of a task if the machine had no provision for that.

Retractable Knife

An overlocker trims off excess edges while overcasting a fabric. While this is an important feature to have, there would come a time when you wouldn’t want the edges of your material to be cut off. That is why you need the retractable knife on the Brother 2104D, which when not in use, can be pushed downwards, so that you will have maximum control over all your trimmings. This feature, mainly found in expensive overlockers, puts the 2104D in the good book of buyers on a budget.

Foot Pedal

The 2104D can be manually operated and controlled with an electric foot pedal. However, care needs to be taken not to hit the foot pressure higher than necessary, lest the overlocker becomes too noisy for your liking.

LED Light

The machine comes with a bright LED light source which doesn’t dim the colour of your fabric but illuminates it brilliantly for an effortless working experience.


You’ll find the following accessories included in the 2104D:

  • Piping foot
  • Gathering foot
  • Blind stitching foot
  • Soft Machine Cover
  • Thread nets
  • Tweezers
  • Spool Caps
  • Lint Brush
  • Hexagonal Driver
  • A set of needles
  • Accessories bag
  • Instructional manual and DVD

Final Words

The Brother 2104D is one of the most sensible basic overlockers which every beginner will derive satisfaction in using. In as much as it doesn’t offer many stitches, yet, there’s a provision for optional feet for a selected stitch type you may desire as you become accustomed with the machine.

At the risk of sounding partial, the winning feature for us on the 2104D is its comfy threading mechanism. On first sight, an overlocker could look imposing to deal with. Then, add the difficulty in threading it and you’ve scared the first-time user away. But that’s not so with the 2104D overlocking machine, special thanks to its correct colour-coded threading path and F.A.S.T. Lower Looper Threading System. 

Even though you can use standard type sewing machine needles on this overlocker, specific needles are required for fabrics such as quilt, denim, etc. to minimize incidents of needles breaking while overlocking. Also, we can’t recommend top quality threads enough if you are looking forward to a hitch-free sewing and admirable stitching of your fabrics. 

Overall, the 2104D is a must-have if you’re in need of a beginner-friendly and dependable overlocking machine for your money’s worth. Again, you’ll have nothing major to fault it with, considering that it meets all your basic overlocking needs at half the time a sewing machine consumes.

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