Best Sewing Tables and Cabinets

As much as you love sewing on your standard kitchen table or cutting fabrics on the floor of your bedroom, can you afford the health complications which accompany a hunched back, cramped neck, and contorted body positions? The answer is no. 

Therefore, if you desire to be in the sewing business for a long time devoid of intermittent bed rests for a bad back, and frequent trips to the doctor’s office for neck pain medication, you must switch to using a sewing table or a sewing cabinet as quickly as possible. 

Apart from being ergonomically built for all your sewing activities from start to finish, many of the best sewing tables and cabinets in the market are versatile in use as home furnitures and storage centres. Before choosing a sewing table/cabinet, you should take into consideration the space in the room where it will be stationed; the size of your sewing machine, and most importantly, your budget. 

Obviously, there are plenty of these tables and cabinets out there, of assorted quality, from high to low. But you don’t have to flog yourself in a bid to select one out of the whole lot. So, we have selected five among the best sewing tables and cabinets to make the task breezy for you.

Five Best Sewing Tables and Cabinets


Sew Ready Comet Multipurpose/Sewing Table

Sew Ready Comet Sewing Sewing Table

The Sew Ready Comet Sewing Desk Multipurpose Sewing Table is a budget-friendly table recommended specifically for light to medium weight sewing projects. It can serve as a sewing table, cutting table, an office work desk, and a computer table; it all depends on your need for the moment.

The beauty of this table is its compact size, meaning that you won’t have to put it up at the expense of your living space. It has two distinct parts: the work surface and the frame. That said, the work surface, consisting of the main table surface and the adjustable platform is made of solid particleboard covered with white melamine. 

The adjustable platform moves up or down, all thanks to the notches cut into the edges of the surface required for your sewing machine. When dropped down, a noticeable depression is made to accommodate sewing machines weighing up to 11kg. 

The frame supporting the tabletop is primarily steely, non-foldable legs whose feet are encased in glide leg leveller to minimise table vibration, and for easy movement when rolled from one side of the room to the other. Resting in between the two steel legs is a bottom shelf where your folded fabrics and books can be placed. 

There’s a lot of leg space underneath the table, therefore, you don’t have to fear hitting your knee or shin on the bottom shelf when you want to stretch your legs. On the right-hand side of the table are drawers with ample space for your sewing accessories and snacks (your belly matters too). 

The design of the Sew Ready Comet Sewing Table is such that you can conveniently replace the particleboard with any wood of your choice without affecting the other great parts of the table. 

Furthermore, the clearly-explained instruction manual and the numbered parts of the table makes it a dream to assemble by a person within one hour. Indeed, your back and heart will be grateful to you for investing in this modestly-priced but wonderful table. There is also the option to buy the Sew Ready Comet sewing table without the drawers making it significantly more affordable. 

Sew Ready Comet Sewing Table, 13332, Black/White, 45.5" W x 23.5" D x 30" H
  • Overall dimensions: 45.5W x 23.5D x 30H/top dimensions: 36W x 23.5D
  • Platform can adjust down to fit sewing machine or keyboard: 23W x 10.75D
  • Folding side shelf: 9.5W x 23.5D/lower storage shelf: 31.5W x 11.75D
  • Heavy gauge steel construction for durability. Four floor levelers for stability
  • Uses - Use as a Home hobby table, Craft desk, Multi-Use Craft table, Sewing table, Computer Desk,...
Sew Ready Comet Sewing Desk Multipurpose/Sewing Table Craft Table Sturdy Computer Desk with Drawer, 13333, Black/White
  • Overall dimensions: 56.75W x 23.5D x 30H/top dimensions: 47.25W x 23.5D. Platform can adjust down to...
  • Folding side shelf: 9.5W x 23.5D/lower storage shelf: 27.5W x 11.75D/two Right shelves: 14W x...
  • Heavy gauge steel construction for durability. Six floor levelers for stability
  • Drop-down platform allows you to align your sewing machine base height to the tabletop height,...
  • Uses - Use as a Home hobby table, Craft desk, Multi-Use Craft table, Sewing table, Computer Desk,...


Arrow 98601 Craft/Hobby Table


Arrow 98601 Craft/Hobby Table

The Arrow 98601 Craft/Hobby Table is hassles-free: it arrives completely assembled to your doorstep and has been compactly designed to fit into a room where space is limited. What’s more, it has a pair of collapsible legs which can be conveniently folded for storage under your bed, in your wardrobe, or carried as a piece of travelling item. 

The Arrow 98601 displays an adjustable platform which can be dropped down to create a free arm space for your sewing machine, or pulled up as a flatbed. If your sewing machine is too small for the drop-down depth, you can reset the platform to the flatbed position to accommodate your machine’s size. 

Moreover, you can make the drop-down depth deeper by using a screwdriver on the chain controlling it. When not put to sewing use, this table can become a side table in any of your rooms. At 15.4kg, it is a lightweight table which can be effortlessly lifted and carried by a healthy adult through a considerable distance. 

Even if you want to drag it on the floor from one point to the other, your floor is protected from any scratching because the legs of the table possess hard plastic feet.


Arrow Bertha Sewing Cabinet 


Arrow Bertha Sewing Cabinet 


The Arrow 701 Bertha’s airlift-manipulated platform can support heavy sewing machines weighing up to 25kg. Also, the platform, when gently pushed, can move in 3 variant positions: the flatbed, free arm, and bottom storage.

This white cabinet features a double door, each bearing 4 storage trays for storing your sewing accessories and supplies. Also, on the front side of the cabinet is an opening where you can attach your sewing machine knee lifter. 

Like many other cabinets, there’s an option for placing a custom-made insert on the 701 Bertha, in order to bridge the gap between your sewing machine’s top and the cabinet’s table surface. 

Behind the cabinet is a big, collapsible quilt leaf which can be shifted from one side to the other on the same line. That, and the other quilt leaves on the left and right sides of the cabinet, provide you with a spacious work area for activities like ironing, embroidering, and quilting.

Arrow 98700 | Oak effect Bertha Sewing Machine Cabinet | 213¾ x 99½ x 77½cm
  • Accomodates machines up to 24.1cm front to back, 47cm wide and 33.3cm tall.
  • Airlift holds a 60 pound machine, moving effortlessly into 3 positions including free arm, flatbed...
  • Includes back quilt leaf for increased workspace behind the unit.
  • The two doors have a total of eight storage trays for sewing accessories. Cut out in the front...
  • Manufacturer's Guarantee: Should anything go wrong with your item as a result of faulty material or...


Arrow Norma Jean Sewing Cabinet


Arrow Norma Jean Sewing Cabinet

The Arrow 352 Norma Jean Sewing Cabinet is of superb quality, made of high-density particleboard and veneer panels. As a multifunctional cabinet, it can be used for sewing, quilting, crafting, and as a decorative item for your living space. 

Since it is delivered unassembled, you’ll have to piece the parts together yourself. Interestingly, assembling the cabinet is one of the easiest construction activities you’ll ever undertake, even without consulting a YouTube video. With an electric driver, it should take you less than 3 hours to complete. 

The part of the work surface for your sewing machine is operated by an airlift which, thankfully, comes fixed; all that’s required is for you to place the complementing platform on top of it. Unlike the Arrow 9600, there’s little or no need to tamper with the airlift’s chain to adjust in order to match with your sewing machine’s height. 

On each of the left and right side of the Arrow 352 cabinet is a foldable quilt leaf. When both are spread out at the same time, a massive workspace is created for your large cutting projects, quilting, and crafts work. Attached to the opened door of the cabinet are four trays where your sewing accessories can be securely kept in. 

Another awesome feature you’ll find on the Arrow 352 are the four immensely spacious drawers which are ready storage areas for important items such as your unfinished fabrics and sewing books.

Sewing Machine Cabinet Norma Jean White 207 x 50.8 x 77.5cm | Arrow 98351
  • Accomodates machines up to 31.4cm front to back, 59.4cm wide and 35.2cm tall.
  • The air lift mechanism raises and lowers your sewing machine.
  • Fold out leaf provides additional work surface supported by sturdy snag free hinges.
  • Storage comprises of four large drawers, four accessory trays and a recessed compartment on top....
  • Manufacturer's Guarantee: Should anything go wrong with your item as a result of faulty material or...


Arrow Sewnatra Sewing Machine Cabinet


It’s super economical to buy a durable cabinet which performs the duty of a sewing table as well as a bedside table and end table. The pretty and strong Arrow Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet made of Vinyl laminate and Medium-density fiberwood (MDF) composite fits the bill.

When none of its body parts is unopened, it can pass for antiquated furniture for your sitting room or bedside. But when unfolded/opened, you’ll be amazed at the practical features it displays. This cabinet’s work surface has a versatile platform, assuming three distinct, functional positions when pushed, aided by an airlift mechanism. 

These positions are the standard free arm position that rises almost to the tabletop level, providing the space for your fabrics to rest while being sewn; the personalised adjustable free arm position according to your machine’s depth which, if need be, requires the loosening, shifting, and tightening back of the lift’s chain; and the storage position at the bottom of the cabinet where your machine is stored out of sight.

Also, the 98500 cabinet boasts of a foldable quilt leaf to the right, hinged on a fold-out bracket for large sewing projects like quilting, and for cutting purposes. Swing open the cabinet to discover two colourful trays attached to the door and thread spindles where you’ll put away your sewing accessories and spools of threads, respectively.

Weighing at 20.4kg, the Arrow 98500 cabinet’s airlift-operated platform can carry super heavy-duty machines without caving in. 

Arrow 98500 | Oak effect Sewnatra Sewing Machine Cabinet | 171¼ x 49¾ x 77½cm
  • Accomodates machines up to 48cm wide, 31.9cm deep and 33.3cm tall.
  • The air lift mechanism raises and lowers your sewing machine.
  • Comes with a unique universal insert to create a flush sewing surface.
  • Shuttered door has two thread spindles and two trays for your sewing accessories. Stunning oak...
  • Manufacturer's Guarantee: Should anything go wrong with your item as a result of faulty material or...

Final Words 

There is no doubt that, for health reasons, every sewer should own at least one sewing table or sewing cabinet. The usefulness surpasses that of your kitchen table, not to mention their aesthetic value as items for strategic interior decoration. 

As a general note, we recommend buying a muffler mat alongside your sewing table/cabinet to minimize vibration and shaking when you’re sewing at full speed. It’s necessary also, that you strictly adhere to the step-by-step instructions on your item’s manual or video in assembling or dismantling it to avoid damages. 

Overall, the sewing tables and cabinets above are time-saving, relatively affordable, and are far from being regarded as Heath Robinson’s contraptions.

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