Best Overlocker For Beginners

Top Three Overlockers For Beginners

Ever since domestic overlockers first hit the market over fifty years ago, the excuses for not achieving a professional finish on homemade fabrics died a natural death. The daunting nature of an overlocker notwithstanding, investing on this great tool will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make as a professional sewer. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be guiding you through to discover the best overlocker for a beginner like you, someone who’s about to experience the wonders of an overlocker for the first time. 

Generally, overlockers are important in making your fabrics look professionally done, without the puckering and roughness of edges usually found in subpar wears. Stretchy garments and knit fabrics can be conveniently and quickly made on an overlocker, all thanks to the superb controls in the device designed for such projects. 

More so, you can stitch edges and hems with 2,3,4, or even 5 overlock threads on an overlocker depending on your need at the time. And what’s more satisfying is the trimming action that’s also taking place which removes excesses from edges, delivering a neat job on your fabrics once you’re done overlocking. Add to it the time-saving ability of the overlocker unlike the lengthy time it takes to overcast on a sewing machine, and you’ll be on your way to buying one. 

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 How Much Do I Need To Spend On An Overlocker As A Beginner?

Ideally, the more special features an overlocker carries, the more costly it is. However, you mightn’t be needing an expensive or fanciful overlocking machine as a beginner, unless you don’t mind leaving most of the features to waste. On the other hand, you should never settle for an overlocker because it is the cheapest out of the lot. If you do, the experience will compel you to detest using overlockers again. That’s because cheap models were made with the most economical parts by workers on peanut wages. In essence have a budget of at least £220 for a quality overlocker designed to last. 

Also, it’s necessary to make a list of all the features you desire now or later in an overlocker to help narrow down your search for the best one for you. That said, you should be targeting medium-priced overlockers that come with features that you’ll use frequently, whether you are a sewing hobbyist or a regular sewer. Then, as you become more confident and adventurous in design-making, you’ll be safe to go for high-priced overlockers with many sophisticated features and stitches. By and by, your expertise on the overlocker boils down to the amount of time and patience you’re willing to dedicate in practising and growing conversant with the device. 

Features To Consider Before Buying Any Overlocker 

Naturally, you have a mental picture of the sleek and sophisticated overlocker you desire for your sewing room. Nevertheless, the mere beauty of an overlocker doesn’t get the job done; its features do. So, before you follow your heart and end up with a piece of artefact, consider these important features an efficient overlocker has:

  • An adjustable differential feed. This enables the overlocker to handle a wide variety of fabrics like a breeze. If you want to create lovely decorative designs on your fabrics, a differential feed, especially the calibrated type, will do the job for you.
  • Easy-to-use controls. You are a beginner, and so need not be tasked by controls that are quite complex to manipulate or locate.
  • A free arm flatbed. There would be times, if not often, when you must sew tubular pieces or round areas such as collars, cuffs, and sleeves. The free arm minimizes the work surface area of the overlocker’s throat plate to reach the somewhat hidden areas on a fabric.
  • High Speed Performance. As much as an overlocker delivers faster than an average sewing machine, yet, all overlockers aren’t built to run speedily. Consider buying any featuring 1,300 stitched per minute and above. At that speed, you’ll have no issues with meeting up with sewing deadlines.

For more information on overlockers and our top recommendations be sure to check out out overlocker buying guide.

 Top 3 Overlockers For Beginners

 Brother 2104D

Brother 2104D Overlocker

The Brother brand is one of the most respected brands of overlockers in the market. As is their custom, the manufacturers of Brother 2104D didn’t spare any solid material in building it for a long-lasting use. Yet, it is a lightweight machine which even the frail and sickly can lift with no troubles. The Brother 2104D features 3 or 4 thread overlock stitches to keep your seams and hems from fraying as well as for beautiful special effects on your fabrics. 

With this overlocker, you can make mock flatlock stitches, pintuck stitches, rolled hems, blind hems, and narrow hems on fabrics. It features a free arm convertible for the flexible and easy sewing of sleeves and tubular pieces. One of the ways in which this overlocker stands out is in the simplicity of threading it. That can be attributed to its F.A.S.T Lower Looper Threading System and straightforward lay-in threading mechanism, not also forgetting that the threading path is colour-coded. At 1,300 spm, this is a fast machine. 

Another great feature to mention about the Brother 2104D is the differential feed. With that, you can easily sew, finish, or hem both light and medium weight fabrics. Also, the differential feed keeps your seams from forming wrinkles when they shouldn’t. As a beginner, you would enjoy the controls on this overlocker especially with the guidance from its well-explained instruction manual and DVD. You’ll also find a storage area built to the machine for your handy accessories. Buy the Brother 2104D if all you need is a basic overlocker which delivers a neat finish on light and medium weight fabrics. 

Brother 2104D Overlocker
  • 3 or 4 thread overlocker with free arm and LED light.
  • 4-thread continuous stitch, 3-thread continuous stitch, 5 mm or 2.8 mm, rolled hemming.
  • Adjustment of length and width, differential, adjustment of foot pressure.
  • Removable upper knife, simplified threading, protective case, instructions in French, instructional...

Jaguar Overlocker Advanced 099 

Jaguar Overlocker Advanced 099

If you are looking for an overlocker that trims edges precisely to the finest details, thereby leaving no room for any hairy protrusion, the Jaguar Overlocker Advanced 099 is for you. It boasts of a special cutting system that trims neatly without tampering with your seams. The Jaguar Overlocker Advanced 099 is one of the good overlockers that are simple to thread; you don’t even need a tweezer to execute that. Just swing open the front lower looper on the left-hand side of the machine and reach for the simple threading guides. 

Here is a machine that sews like a dream at 1,300 spm, so bring on your multiple sewing projects in a short deadline. Additionally, it runs smoothly, delivering pristine, uniform stitchings. With this overlocker, you can do both basic and intermediary overlocking by virtue of the 2,3,4 overlock threads it features. What’s more, it comes with accessories that saves you about £100 when you price them in the store. 

It’s convenient to clean the inside part of the Jaguar Overlocker Advanced 099 since it can be opened with ease. Also, it can handle a versatile number of fabrics with the help of its adjustable differential feed. Say goodbye to the manual trimming of dangling threads after overlocking since there’s a built-in thread cutter in this machine that does that. Sewing dark fabrics won’t be stressful for you with the presence of LED sewing light emitted from the Jaguar Overlocker Advanced 099. With its Built-in Rolled Hem mechanism, sewing sleeves and tubular pieces is simply a walk in the park. 

Jaguar Overlocker Advanced 099: 2, 3 & 4 Thread, with Built-in Rolled Hem
  • Jaguar Advanced 099 Overlocker - 2/3/4/ Thread Overlocker, with Built-in Rolled Hem
  • Built-in light upgrade, 2019: This product has now been upgraded from a 'Jaguar Advanced 097...
  • The Jaguar Overlockers are a favourite amongst sewers, easily producing professional finish; far...
  • Stand-out tensions for fine needle setting. Lay-in tensions with tension release for easy looper...
  • Adjustable foot pressure. Pre-threaded. Up to 1,300 stitches per minute. Detachable blades. Cutting...

Brother M3034D 

Brother 3034D

There is no denying that the Brother 3034D is an efficient and friendly machine that makes you want to use it all day. If you’re the kind of sewer that gets worried about twisted threads ruining your sewing, your fears have been taken care of by the thread twist protection system which prevents the threads in the looper from bending out of shape. 

Threading the Brother 3034D is effortless and quick to do due to its F.A.S.T Threading Lower Looper System and the colour-coded threading chart. It’s a sturdy machine designed with standard parts that won’t feel the repairer’s hand anytime soon. The quiet sound it makes during use implies that you can sew with it in the night without disturbing your sleeping neighbours. Also, this is a multifunctional machine that handles many different textures of fabrics without jamming. All you need is to adjust the differential ratio on the differential feed and the presser foot pressure according to the kind of fabric you introduce into the feed dogs. 

First-time users of an overlocker will benefit greatly from the self-explanatory instruction manual and DVD that accompany it. With the DVD, you’ll get to watch how to thread the M3034D’s lower looper system. It’s not difficult getting a precise cutting of edges given the correctly positioned downside knife drive the Brother M3034D possesses. With the free arm flatbed it features, there’s no doubt you can easily overlock tubular pieces and work on hard to reach areas in fabrics 

Brother 3034D Electric Sewing Machine
  • The Brother 3034D is an easy-to-use overlock machine for all common applications and well suited for...
  • Compact, lightweight top lock machine with handle Professional processing for all types of fabric...
  • The four-thread ultra-stretch seam follows every movement and guarantees absolute tear resistance!...
  • Cutting and overcasting ... ... in one step. The knife can also be switched off if desired. NEARLY....
  • The most important accessories are always ready to hand in the gripper cover. Cover! The cover (soft...

Final Words

Choosing a suitable overlocker shouldn’t be a complicated task if you’re acting informed. Regardless of the model or brand which you decide to purchase, always make use of high-quality overlock threads to avoid unnecessary breakage of threads while overlocking.

The plastic contraptions provided for threads serve to keep them running smoothly through the machine. So, don’t fail to use them on your new overlocker.

One thing you mustn’t get tired of doing is to always refer back to your instruction manual and DVD and following its guidance to the letter. In conclusion, ensure you buy from a respected brand. That way, your peace of mind will be guaranteed, as well as having lifetime access to a supportive after-sales customer care service.

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